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Welcome to WaterFire’s New Online Store

Photo by Sam Stolzberg.

Now all of the great WaterFire Merchandise that you can buy at our events is available for purchase online.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to WaterFire’s New Online Store

  1. Awesome!

    Question: What is the size of the glass pendants? I’m interested but would never buy them without having a clue as to their size which (oddly from a marketing perspective) is not listed under project description.


    1. Thanks for the question Barb.

      The all of the pendants are about 1 1/2 inches across their longest side. There is some variation in the sizes since they are all handmade. Please re-visit the product pages for more detailed measurements and thanks for browsing our online store.


  2. Love having the merchandise online – makes the last minute gift ideas a no-brainer! The glass pendants are lovely. Bought a red one for my Spanish hostess in Madrid and she was thrilled. I’d translated the sentiment and a brief description of the event into Spanish for her – which got me to thinking….any thoughts to having bi-lingual or multi-lingual options for international guests and fans? I know a lot of Europeans now speak English – but not all of them do and what a great way to draw them in.

    1. Hi Melody, thanks for your support. We don’t really offer international shipping (arrangements can be made by special request) so we haven’t implemented any translation service on the online store. It’s an area we’d like to expand into, so thanks for the encouragement.

      Regards, Tim
      WaterFire Providence
      Interactive Media Manager

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