WaterFire x DesignWhatHaveYou – Orange Dangles


DesignWhatHaveYou has teamed up with WaterFire Providence to create pieces which resemble the essential symbols of WaterFire . Each piece of jewelry is laser cut acrylic and crafted in the DesignWhatHaveYou studio. Ashley, the artist behind the brand, has been working out of the same studio since 2013 when the brand first launched. Working with different materials and design processes inspires and informs their work, from bold geometric forms out of concrete, to bright acrylic that glow, they aim to craft objects that catch the eye and speak to people.

Ashley has been both participating and vending at WaterFire Providence events for the past 17 years and believes it to be a quintessential part of Providence. She felt inspired by this aspect of WaterFire and wanted to create something that would capture its essence.

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Due to materials and laser cutting process, there may be slight variations in the item you receive. Safe in Shower.


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