Most Admirable: The Rhode Island State House


Discover the history behind this incredible building and its influence on architecture design in this photographic collection brought to us by the Rhode Island State House Restoration Society. Most Admirable features photographs taken by photographer Warren Jagger and text by Janet Hayden Jagger. 

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“MOST ADMIRABLE The Rhode Island State House brings to life a classical landmark which continues to stand as a marker, a standard of perfection that transcends architectural style and reaches the realm of great art.”

-Friedrich St.Florian, Architect

Hardcover (78 pages)
12″ x 12″

This remarkable book is the first complete chronicle of an architectural masterpiece, the 1901 Rhode Island State House designed by the preeminent firm of McKim, Mead & White. From the 1890s through the present, this magnificent building tells a wonderful story. Pages of beautiful photographs reveal the handsome American Renaissance architecture, a design which was so admired that it immediately influenced the design of fourteen other state capitols across the country. The many exterior and interior views help the reader appreciate the overall form and exquisite detail of this gem of civic architecture. “Most Admirable: The Rhode Island State House” contains contributions from writer Janet Hayden Jagger, architectural photographer Warren Jagger, Architect of the State of Rhode Island Domenic Carbone, Jr. AIA, Curator of Decorative Arts at the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design Thomas S. Michie, and Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission architectural historian William McKenzie Woodward.


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