Brazier Rhode Island Long Sleeve Tee

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With this brazier orange long sleeve tee, you can map out where WaterFire Providence takes place. Inspire others to travel to our beautiful Providence city, where we light up the night sky with each event. This wonderful Rhode Island tee is a great reminder of how WaterFire has redefined our perspective of Providence and continues to touch the lives of all who come to enjoy the performance.


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4 reviews for Brazier Rhode Island Long Sleeve Tee

  1. Steve

    Providence is the destination- not RI.

    Replace the map with the PVD skyline and the name Rhode Island on the sleeve with PROVIDENCE and it will sell big!!

    • Tim Blankenship

      Interesting outlook. Thanks for your comment.

  2. PC

    First, for some reason I couldn’t select the 5 stars that I wanted to give this item. I did buy one for myself.
    Second, although I like the idea of a PVD skyline from Steve’s comment I disagree with WaterFire being only a Providence thing. I feel Rhode Island has so many wonderful places and events for tourists to come and enjoy, and one of them is WaterFire that happens to be in Providence. I think it is good to promote the entire state, not just one city.

    • Tim Blankenship

      Thanks for supporting WaterFire and we couldn’t agree more. There is so much to see and do in Rhode Island, we should always celebrate the whole state!

  3. Sarah

    Love this T. Arms are long enough – and the cuffs at the wrist are awesome! Love the color too!
    Most of all, love love love WaterFire!

  4. Sal

    I agree with Steve. PVD skyline and Providence and you have a winner!

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